With a technological revolution spearheaded by blockchain technology, everyone wants to be first in the world of Web3! The best talent worldwide is entering the Web3 space, but not everyone is doing it right.

For that reason, we have put together a list of notable executives and celebrities who have shifted to Web3 and are doing excellent work. Let’s dive in!

  1. With the GODA Mint Pass, you will surely be Happy!

Gallery of Digital Artists, or GODA for short, helps traditional artists explore the digital art space using NFTs whilst staying authentic and genuine to their creative voices. A team of veterans launched GODA, including 13-time Grammy winner Pharrell Williams, KAWS and big-shot investor Shaun Neff. 

With the GODA Mint Pass, you will get access to the best NFT market drops, such as Nina’s Super Cool World.

  1. If there is one celebrity who is doing Web3 right, it is John Legend!

The ultra-popular singer John Legend is the co-founder and Chief Impact Officer of OurSong, a music platform designed to empower music creators and help them connect directly with their audiences. For example, Our Song integrates chat rooms and private clubs where musicians can “vibe” with their audiences.

Regardless of their number of followers, musicians will have complete control over the NFT soundtracks they create on OurSong, which are called ‘Vibes’. Working in collaboration with Circle, Vibes can be purchased using their native token, OurSong Dollar. In April 2022, the company raised a seed fund of $7.5 million with Animoca Brands and Circle Ventures

  1. NFTs do not only consume degens, but they also consumed Paris Hilton!

After one year of hard work, Paris Hilton launched a series of NFTs narrating her personal, abusive experiences of the past 20 years. The NFT collection titled Past Lives, New Beginnings, expressed her past pains and gave her the courage to begin the next chapter of her life. While most see NFTs as a quick cash grab, Paris Hilton used NFTs for self-empowerment and to encourage fellow women to speak up against personal abuse.

Image Source: Paris Hilton’s Website

Paris is also an investor and advisor on Origin Story, which aims to make it more affordable and accessible for creators to sell their NFTs using Origin’s customizable solution.

  1. Ryan Wyatt left YouTube to join Polygon Studios

Not only celebrities but business executives from Silicon Valley are also shifting to Web3!

Ryan Wyatt, who served as the head of gaming at YouTube, is now serving as the chief executive of Polygon Studios. After working for 8 years at YouTube, Wyatt wants to help “bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3” with Polygon.

  1. Unstoppable global adoption with Unstoppable Domains!

In December 2021, Sandy Carter left her position as vice president of Amazon Web Services to join Unstoppable Domains as Senior Vice President of Business Development. Sandy sees blockchain as the future of technology and believes “that Unstoppable Domains is building the tools to accelerate global adoption.”Sandy has been named among the Top Most Powerful Women in Tech in CNN and Fortune and has worked in senior positions at companies like IBM and AWS. Read her impressive background here!