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Weerk Capital has one simple focus – maximizing the true potential of developers trying to explore and solve massive problems in the DeFi, NFT, Governance, and general Blockchain ecosystem.

Our two fold approach means that we not only fund developers and the projects with massive potential after going through our rigorous vetting process, but we slowly acquire new assets that focus on users and provide value to the end user. This not only allows us to reach our target audience but also gives us control of our entire ecosystem since we are investing in protocols and also able to build awareness around the new protocol. 

We have silently been building a massive ecosystem in the background before officially releasing Weerk Capital & our asset portfolio. We are certain that it’s extremely hard to compete with our model due to the fact that one of our assets – Meta Makers – is a private syndicate of Content Creators that are contractually signed to Weerk to create content and push our assets.

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Ever since we’ve focused our attention on blockchain technology here at Weerk Capital, we’ve grasped a few principles that have allowed us to successfully grow a portfolio of assets that continue to flourish regardless of market conditions. We research, analyze and acquire and/or build assets that are resilient to market conditions. 

The secondary faucet of Weerk Capital is finding projects that meet our meticulous criteria and provide initial venture capital to get them going for equity or simply invest in projects we believe are great long term or mid term investments. 

If there is no value provided, we don’t touch it or even consider looking into it. The projects we embark into must provide substantial long term pro’s for the category it’s trying to cater to. If it’s just useless and does nothing to provide value to the market, it’s useless to us. 

It’s simple. We find the hidden gems, invest in them. 

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